About Us

Proof against the myth!

E-Sheesh are not only able to provide people throughout the UK with superior quality E-Liquids and E-cigarettes but we are also here to bust a myth that is believed by so many around the world.

That myth is that it is only specialist shops that can provide high quality products; often attached to incredibly over inflated prices.

E-Sheesh have taken this false belief and sent it flying out of the park.

But how?

E-Sheesh have seen a rapid growth and success in the UK E-Cigarette Market, in fact we now have a customer base of over 20,000 people and this number is increasing every day.

This growth now means that we are amongst the top suppliers of the UK’s E-Cigarette and E-Liquid needs to both the consumer market & the wholesale market. Meaning you will see our E-sheesh Branded products all over the country, supplying to all most 900 retail srores to date.  Something we are incredibly proud to shout out!

Our vision

We have a belief in only providing people with the highest quality products and that these should be given at the best price possible.

Our products offer a satisfying, delicious and calming smoking sensation that does not contain any of the harmful additives that you might otherwise find in lower grade items. We can proudly state that everything is only ever top grade in our store, containing safe ingredients and materials only.

Everything we sell complies with all relevant regulations and has been fully tested to UK standards.

Now we have grown even further

After this glorious success and rapid growth we have continued to expand from strength to strength. Which was noticed by Hangsen, regarded as the world’s largest E-Liquid manufacturer.

They then approached us to become their official UK partner. An honour that we were only too happy to accept.

We are the ONLY official partner of Hangsen within the UK, a testament to the quality and service that we can provide.

More about Hangsen

Hangsen products are sold in more than 80 countries around the world, making them the world’s largest E-Liquid and E-Cigarette manufacturer.

Everything available from their extensive range is only made to the best quality, using safe ingredients and materials at every point of the process.  As well as this they have incredibly in depth and technical knowledge in the market and a team made up with experience from some of the world’s biggest names. Coming together to see them take off and grow from strength to strength.

So what are you waiting for, make the change to E-Sheesh and not only save yourself money but discover a world of top quality products too!