Life is stressful. Whether you're driving and contending with road rage, whether you're at the office and being bombarded with demands to 'up' your performance or whether you're at home with all its demands, people are looking for ways to relax. Many claim that smoking helps to cope with their stress, and e cigarettes, designed by Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, have been exported to major markets around the world, starting a new trend in smoking. E-cigarettes, according to studies by public health experts, have been found to be more effective than gum and nicotine patches.

The study, which has been published revealed a survey of people who had stopped smoking over a period of 12 months and between the years 2009 up to February 2014. The study showed that more people claimed to use e-cigarettes rather than over-the-counter products such as patches or gum. In fact big pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer who produce 'giving-up-smoking' drugs are apposed to e cigarettes as it causes them to lose sales and money with their products.

E-Cigarettes Have Benefits over Traditional Smoking

People who 'vape' may spend a bit more setting themselves up with a starter kit , but currently, e-cigarettes aren't subject to taxes like traditional cigarettes are. They are also more socially acceptable because they don't have the same health consequences and unpleasant smell of traditional cigarette smokers. Also in a study of 40 smokers reliant on tobacco, researchers concluded that smoking e-cigarettes certainly alleviated the desire to smoke.

You Exhale Vapor Instead of Smoke

Tobacco contains a powerful drug; nicotine, and it takes a mere 10 seconds for the drug to reach the brain. Nicotine is addictive and many smokers also suffer with serious smoking-related diseases because of the chemicals in tobacco smoke such as tar, benzene, arsenic and chromium among others. E cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes and the use of electronic cigarettes, which look exactly like any regular cigarette, has doubled in recent years. As you exhale, instead of smoke, you exhale vapor. Inside the e cigarette is a heating element, a battery as well as a cartridge or mouth piece which holds the nicotine and flavorings.

You can Opt to Have Nicotine

Many electronic cigarettes are reusable too and they come with refillable cartridges, but you also get the disposable type. Most of the newer type of electronic cigarettes are automatic, and when sucked on, a heating element which vaporizes a liquid solution is activated. People can opt to have nicotine in the flavored liquid solution. When the user inhales, an LED indicates whether the device has been activated. Why people are drawn to e cigarettes is that the level of dangerous chemicals they give off are far less than regular cigarettes.

People in the health industry have one goal, to reduce the dangers; the illness and sometimes death, caused by tobacco. Medical experts such as Michael Siegel; a professor at Boston University's School of Public Health says that the ultimate is for smokers to quit smoking altogether, but failing that, they are 'better off with e-cigarettes'. Manufacturers of e-cigarettes say they provide a similar sensation to when smokers inhale smoke.

A Global Favourite to Quit Smoking

How each smoker chooses to quit smoking may well be a matter of personal choice, but e cigarettes, according to research, are the firm favorite, and with top brands such as VaporZone, Bull Smoke and South Beach Smoke, among others and a huge selection of e-liquid flavors, global sales of smokeless tobacco products like this have grown to about $3 billion, and with figures like this it shows that e cigarettes have something good going for the millions around the world attempting to quit their tobacco habit.