The use of E-Cigarettes, now popularly known by the nickname of ‘vaping’, has so far found favour with over one million Brits. Making the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes or tobacco to using E-Cigarettes makes sense for a number of reasons.

E-Cigarettes make use of vapourised liquid nicotine rather than smoke, which means that 'vaping' doesn't involve any of the nasty tar and carcinogens that are responsible for so many smoking related illnesses. Because there's no smoke there's no tell tale smell either, which means vaping won't stink up your hair and your clothes like those old fashioned cigarettes do.

Cigarettes are more expensive than ever, with the price only set to rise, so using E-Cigarettes is also the more affordable choice, with refillable nicotine liquid and rechargeable batteries both an option. You could move into the future, and switch to E-Cigarettes today.