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Electronic cigarette starter kits – getting you started with healthy smoking 

Here at E-Sheesh we carry a variety of E-Cigarette starter kits to get you going, from different battery sizes to different styles. All starter kits come ready with battery, clearomiser and charger.

Our most popular starter kit Evolve comes with a 900mah battery, a free e-liquid of your choice and a free carry case all for £17.99.

We have over 50 different varieties of E-liquids to choose from. We sell spare batteries, clearomisers, coils, accessories, everything you need all under one roof.

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  1. Aspire CE5-S BVC Aspire CE5-S BVC

    Aspire CE5-S BVC

    The CE5-S is an upgrade version of CE5, it has an exterior metal sleeve surrounding the tank with two small windows that allow you to see how much liquid is left in the tank at all times.
  2. Clearomizer Black
  3. Clearomizer Blue
  4. Clearomizer Green
  5. Clearomizer Purple Clearomizer Purple
  6. Clearomizer Red
  7. Clearomizer Yellow Clearomizer Yellow
  8. E-sheesh 900mAh Battery

    E-sheesh 900mAh Battery

    Slick design to easily fit your pocket, purse or bags, Durable battery and 1.5ml clearomizer tank to last the whole day on the go, Blue& Red LED light to indicate the charging and usage condition of your battery
  9. Ego II Limia Edition 2200mah Battery

    Ego II Limia Edition 2200mah Battery

    The EGO II 2200mAh Lumia Edition  is another advanced battery design based on the original GS EGO II.
    We apply the highest quality varnish to the outer surface, making it brilliantly bright, tactile and soft to the touch.
  10. Leather Zip Cases Baby Pink Leather Zip Cases Baby Pink
  11. Leather Zip Cases Black
  12. Leather Zip Cases Blue
  13. Leather Zip Cases Red Leather Zip Cases Red
  14. Mini E-Volve Starter Kit, 650 mah battery, excellent value for money

    Mini E-Volve Starter Kit, 650 mah battery, excellent value for money


    New to e-cigs?? Well this is for you! The E-Sheesh Mini E-Volve E-Cig is our most popular mini e-cig.  This kit includes everthing needed for a excellent vaping experience. It comes with a rechargeable 650mah Battery.

    You will not be disappointed.

  15. Replacement Coil & Wick Heads (Pack of 5)
  16. Samsung R22P

    Samsung R22P