Flavoured E Liquid for health and vigour

Here at E-sheesh we have the finest and the largest selection of best e-liquids in UK for all your electronic cigarette devices. Whether you're looking for Tobacco, menthol, fruits or drinks, we have the e-liquids in a variety of strengths 0mg, 5mg, 11mg, 18mg and 26mg. We pride ourselves on the quality of our e-liquid products and source the best ingredients in the e-liquids globally, we guarantee our e-liquids UK do not contain any other ingredients or chemicals other than what’s stated on our e-liquid bottles, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavouring and Nicotine.

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  1. A$AP Grape

    A$AP Grape by Nasty Juice


    Black grape combined with ripe berry and other fruits alike produces this delicious grape juice. The bitter exhale taste of grape is topped with the taste of berry to create a taste that you will never get bored of.

    You won’t get the burning taste like you always get from other grape juice in the market.

    Don’t believe it? Try it!

    VG: 70% | PG: 30%

  2. Sale
    After 11 After 11

    After 11

    Regular Price: £4.99

    Special Price: £3.00

    A cool and minty eucalyptus hit will take your breath away. This vape delivers a total icy blast that is a menthol lovers dream. VG: 50% | PG: 50%
  3. Amber V Amber V

    Amber V

  4. Apple Apple


  5. Apple and Lime – Mojito

    Apple and Lime - 3mg (10ml - 3 for £12.99)


    Apple, Lime & Mint

    • Available in 3mg only
    • 3x10ml
    • PG30/VG 70
  6. Aunt Jessies Recipe MultiPack - 3 x 10ml

    Aunt Jessies Recipe MultiPack - 3 x 10ml

    Desserts! Desserts! Desserts! Our take on these popular desserts. You'll be amazed how we've formulated such complex mixes to bring them alive and capture the taste & flavour in an e-liquid form.
  7. Avalanche


    Avalanche - Mouth watering Lychee and juicy berries with a twist of ice A perfect blend of fresh coolness to make this a perfect all day vape. On the inhale you get that unmistakable sweet lychee mixed with different berries that rolls into one on the exhale, with a nice mellow coolness that you can vape happily all day long ECID number 00062-1600221
  8. Bad Blood

    Bad Blood by Nasty Juice


    Bad Blood by Nasty Juice is an eliquid from the brands fruity series.

    This eliquid combines freshly picked blackcurrant's that are bursting with flavour and sprinkles them with cool mint leaves to leave you refreshed and wanting more.

    Each Nasty Juice e liquid comes in an aluminium bottle to help keep the juice cool and fresh.

    VG: 70% | PG: 30%

  9. Banana Banana


  10. Benson Benson


  11. Berry Ice 10ml TPD 3mg

    Berry Ice 10ml TPD 3mg

    Introducing our new TPD range. Available in 3MG and blended to an 80|20 VG PG ECID: 0600291373298 All our ranges now come in Original Gorilla Bottles! Berry Ice – Blackcurrant and berry flavoured vape with an icy menthol hit! Just like your classic cough sweets! Soothing yet will give you brain freeze! This is a 10ml bottle – We also have available a Multi Pack of 3 x 10ml available
  12. Black Cherry Black Cherry
  13. Black Orange Crush (Summer Holiday Series) by Dinner Lady

    Black Orange Crush (Summer Holiday Series)

    Blackcurrant and Oranges with many more accompaniments. All combined into one kick-ass burst of flavour with ice. VG: 70% | PG: 30%...
  14. Blackcurrant Blackcurrant
  15. Blackcurrant Slush -Mojito

    Blackcurrant Slush - 3mg (10ml - 3 for £12.99)


    Blackcurrant Slushie

    • Available in 3mg only
    • 3x10ml
    • PG30/VG 70
  16. Blackjack Blackjack