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  1. Avalanche


    Avalanche - Mouth watering Lychee and juicy berries with a twist of ice A perfect blend of fresh coolness to make this a perfect all day vape. On the inhale you get that unmistakable sweet lychee mixed with different berries that rolls into one on the exhale, with a nice mellow coolness that you can vape happily all day long ECID number 00062-1600221
  2. Blizzard


    Blizzard - A cocktail of Grapes and summer berries with a chill This juice really has the WOW factor, its an amazing concoction of Grapes and Berries which leaves an unforgettable aftertaste with a mild chill. This is a smooth, crisp and refreshing vape that is hard to put down. If you haven't found your perfect Grape Vape you certainly have now, its simply amazing. ECID number 00062-1600213
  3. Cool Crush

    Cool Crush

    Cool Crush - Blue Raspberry slush with an element of subzero On the inhale you get the distinct Blue Raspberry Slush followed by a burst of subzero that brings the other berries to the fore. Its not too chilled but just enough to make this an amazing all day vape. The smooth exhale carries every note of this remarkable flavour. The aftertaste is like you have just had a drink of Blue Slush straight out of the machine. It really is that good! ECID number 00062-1600198
  4. Golden Elexir

    Golden Elexir

    A smooth tobacco perfectly combined with caramel toffee and a hint of vanilla. This Golden mixture will leave you mesmerized. On the inhale you get warm melted toffee, enshrouded in a smooth tasting tobacco, with the vanilla making it all, that little bit special. The exhale begins with the tobacco notes quickly turning into velvety plumes of caramel yumminess. You will never feel the desire to be freed from this spellbinding potion ECID number 00062-1600315
  5. Greek Delight

    Greek Delight

    A famous Greek Dessert, Galaktoboureko with a Doozy twist. This gorgeous tasting juice has a very distinct flavour that makes it incredibly difficult to actually figure out exactly what flavours we have put in it. Some say it’s like Bread and Butter Pudding, others say it’s like Custard Pastry...we say it’s out of this world! Whatever it is, you are going to love it. This is a truly remarkable juice that you will be drawn to time and time again. ECID number 00062-1600048
  6. Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold

    This pastry dessert is that scrumptious, it will be the only vape for you! On the inhale your taste buds will pick up the sweet yet delicate vanilla custard and light pastry, drizzled with syrup, topped off with thick cream. The longer you inhale the richer it becomes. The exhale carries the full complexity of this absolutely amazing juice. The best way to describe this liquid is ‘OMG’. One thing is for sure our Liquid Gold well and truly holds its value, its well worth the investment! ECID number 00062-1600167
  7. Lush


    The finest English Strawberries mixed with smooth clotted cream. This lovely treat is the nations favourite combination. On the inhale you get a tantalising Strawberry, followed by cream that feels smooth and sweet...but not too sweet. When you exhale you get the strawberry and yummy bubblegum thus priming your tastebuds for more juicyness, the air around you is completely strawberrified. Our Lush is one juice that is hard to put down. ECID number 00062-1600043
  8. Nektar


    The unforgettable taste of sweet Mangoes, fused with a variety of different Apples. Those who love the J2o Apple and Mango beverage will absolutely love this juice. On the inhale you taste the Mango and then suddenly a wave of Apple takes over, blending these two amazingly tasty fruits together so perfectly to give you a satisfying burst of flavour that stays with you. We have taken the fruits of Paradise and made Nektar into, what we can only describe as a heavenly vape! ECID number 00062-160020
  9. Orange Chill

    Orange Chill

    Orange Chill - Orange on the rocks On the inhale you get the freshly squeezed Orange with the perfect amount of coolness to make your mouth water. On the exhale you get a mixture of Fanta and Orange Tic Tacs with the ice giving you a memorable aftertaste of Orange that lingers on the palate. ECID number 00062-1600199
  10. Pink Haze

    Pink Haze

    Pink Haze - Zingy lemon and a concoction of citrus fruits with a tangy edge. This juice has the perfect balance of sweetness and citrus that results in one of the best fruity Lemon vapes around. You just have to try this to understand why we named it Pink Haze! The Tangy Fizz on the exhale is just amazing. Our Pink Haze is Coil Friendly! ECID number 00062-1600210
  11. Tropikana


    Tropikana - A blend of succulent mangoes with lychee and pineapple Reading this takes you to the edge...vaping it takes you all the way! On the inhale you get mango wrapped in fresh lychee and pineapple. It really is a stunning combination. As you exhale this delicious recipe the room is filled with the aroma of the fruits of paradise. The taste of this trio will linger on your taste buds long enough to savour. ECID number 00062-1600197
  12. Verylicious


    Green Apples with a mixture of Wild Berries and a touch of Bubblegum. On the inhale you get the unmistakable taste of juicy Apples mixed with the Berries and then you get the sweet Bubblegum that compliments the fruits in the most devine way. It will leave you wondering how we put this one together. Words cannot describe how nice this flavour is. We crafted this blend in a very special way that leaves a lasting impression, the first thing you say to yourself is..."that's awesome!" ECID number 00062-1600212