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E-Sheesh offers a variety of e-cigs, electronic cigarettes, e-liquids in UK. To know more about our e-cigs and e-liquids products read our e cig and Electronic Cigarette reviews, search our products over our website and know why it will be your best decision to choose E-Sheesh for getting an ultimate smoking experience that too without smoke and fire.

By reading these e cig reviews, electronic cigarette reviews we hope that you will switch from smoking tobacco to vaping e-cigarettes to greatly reduce the harm cause to your body.

E-Sheesh is your best online destination for electronic cigarettes in UK. We offer a wide range of electronic cigarettes, E liquids and E cig starter kits. We also offer spare batteries, coils, carry case, clearomiser and accessories related to electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes that are offered by us are made from superior quality material using advanced technology. We have a collection of more than 50 types of E-liquids that are made of 100% natural ingredients.

You can visit our site to find more about our products and services. Below are some electronic cigarette reviews that will help you know more about us and the products that we offer.


My car stays clean and I stay smelling great. This is the greatest e-cig and also it is cost effective with high-quality flavors. - Paul Smith

I love flavors and i can also pick any one which i like. It's great to smoke these e-cigs - Adam Harvey

The vapor of this E Cig is not toxic as smoke snuff, is completely healthy and produces no negative effect on the lungs of the smoker or the people that are around. It is a completely environmentally friendly way to consume the amount of nicotine I need. Archie Flynn

Well I love my new E Cig. I am saving a lot of money and I am really happy with the service that E-Sheesh provides. Quality products at excellent prices. I recommend !. - Harry Bell

Excellent service .... one of the best places to buy online. Perfect taste .... I am on my 6th order ! - - Gabriel Nixon

There was a time when people dear to me used to get irritated because of my smoking habits. The stink of tobacco used to linger around me all day long. Me, my car, my office cabin, everything used to stink tobacco. But not anymore! Since I have starter using E cigarette people around me are happy and so am I.     -Evan Smith


I am extremely happy with the services from E-Sheesh. Wide range of options, superior quality products, pocket friendly rates, on time delivery of product. I am certainly going to recommend this name to all of my friends. - Crispin Oliver


Best online E cig shopping experience I have till date. Highly satisfied with the services by E Sheesh. - Felix Reed


My family was worried about my health and why would not they! I was a chain smoker. Everyone including me knew the adverse effects of smoking. But quitting cigarette is not easy especially when you are a chain smoker. Electronic cigarette helped me here. Not only is it a safer option but I am gradually lowering down the nicotine strength. Hopefully I will be able to get rid of this habit soon. -Freddie


E cig has upgraded the smoking experience. Now you can smoke without smoke and fire. It’s just amazing. - Issac Berry


Switching from smoking tobacco to vaping E cigarette was the best decision that I have made for my health till now. I am already feeling healthier and seriously....... I don’t miss my old pal..... my tobacco cigarette. - Sam Marsh


Electronic cigarette are a boon to the vaping community.- Page KianI was surprised to see the wide range of options they have in E liquid. Now I can choose any flavour of my choice. It gives me luxurious smoking experience. – Brandon Taylors


I am saving my money, keeping mine and my family’s health safe without making any kind of compromise, what more could I ask for? Smoking is a pleasure for me and I don’t want to quit it. And with E cigarette I don’t need to. - Butler Theo


I started with highest strength and gradually I have reached down to the lighter one. It is really effective. I am finally getting rid of smoking. - Anonymous

I have recently bought a mini E cigarette starter kit from E-Sheesh. Product is of excellent quality no doubt and the services are superb. - Powel

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